#4 in the Series "Voices of our Coaching Team"

What is it like to be a CoachBright Volunteer ?

Firstly, why should you volunteer?

Not only does volunteering give you that sense of achievement and satisfaction that you’re doing something for someone else, but it also shows you the impact of what you do on those that you are helping.

Why getting involved with CoachBright?

I decided to volunteer with CoachBright after seeing an advert on Facebook. The organisation intrigued me, as I want to go into teaching; so coaching GCSE students and primary school children has given me a constructive and positive experience, as well as deepened my knowledge. I would definitely recommend students to volunteer with CoachBright, as it enhances your communication and leadership skills and introduces you to various aspects of management. It also helps you to gain confidence in your own abilities.

My experience volunteering with students in both primary and secondary education has enabled me to transfer all my skills to the work that I have done with CoachBright. The students that I have coached through CoachBright have come away with the satisfaction of knowing that they can conquer any maths puzzle and even be of help to their peers. When I volunteered in the primary school, I realised that giving certain students that extra level of attention and time enabled them to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence when faced with difficult maths questions. When I coached a secondary pre-GCSE student in English, this not only increased my knowledge of the subject but it also allowed me to converse with the student on a more mature level.

Why become a Head Coach?

Now that I have been given the role of Head Coach, I can now pass on my knowledge and experience to other coaches who are new to CoachBright. Being a Head Coach will give me more responsibility and therefore help me to enhance my leadership, management and organisational skills. I am really looking forward to taking on this new role at CoachBright.

Blog Post by: Nadya Cohen