Becoming a Coach Associate

Alongside our voluntary coaches, we are looking for 30 professional coaches (paid) to join our delivery team driving our programmes forward so we can make the key impact needed to change our pupil’s life chances.

High quality coaching is at the heart of our organisation and we are after those passionate about changing educational disadvantage.

1-1 coaching with us will provide a great opportunity to expand your portfolio, build up hours and work with young people who need it most.

About Us

We believe your background should not determine your future. Our vision is that every child will become independent and resilient learners so they can lead the lives they want.

Through our coaching programmes our pupils (from a low-income community) improve their grades, confidence and expectations so they can win places at top universities

Next academic year 2015/16 we are working with 4 schools and 1 youth partner impacting on over one hundred pupils. In 5 years time, we want to work with 10,000 pupils.

Who we are looking for

We are after practising coaches who:

  • Are fully trained by an accredited body (e.g. ICF or AC) and/or course (MOE Foundation).
  • Have at least 30 hours of coaching experience.
  • Live in London and able to travel to our partner schools (see below).
  • Have the time and flexibility in their lifestyle to coach pupils during work hours on one-off times and at varying degrees of frequency.
  • At or have been to university.
  • Can coach up to 3 pupils (minimum).
  • Have previous experience of working with young people (desirable).

Person specification

There are specific qualities and a mental outlook that is absolutely essential for coaching with us. Coaching young people within the school system can be extremely challenging and because of this, is not for everyone. To be sure this suits you we have included the interpersonal qualities required to be a CoachBright coach associate.

As well as aligning with our values and goals, a coach associate needs to have the following character traits:

  • Rapport: A natural ability to build a relationship with young people.
  • Self-management: working with young people requires a higher level of self-management because of the innate tendencies to parent, teach or mentor and the deeply held beliefs behind that.
  • Tolerance: The ability to be open and accept feelings, beliefs and lifestyles that are different from your own. Our clients may live lives that you have little personal frame of reference for.
  • Patience and flexibility: Being able to handle delays and last minute changes with minimal fuss. Working in school can, at times, be slow so you need to be able to work in this environment.
  • Empathy: The ability to be curious and stand in someone else’s shoes in service of the young person raising their awareness of their world.
  • Endurance: We stick by our coachees. Many will have been let down by many adults and we do not want to add more to that list. A Coach is a serious commitment and not one to be taken lightly.
  • Initiative: We are a young and growing organisation so we require self-starters who are happy to take initiative and not have every detail spelled out for them as we simply do not have the time to at this stage.


  • Remuneration: £11 per hour
  • Training: personal development and supervision
  • Network: Great chances to build your connections in the field of education, social innovation and enterprise.


Practically our coaches will need to:

  • Coaching hours are flexible, but would require a commitment of around three hours per week. Each pupil has one hour of coaching per week for seven weeks. Coaches will ideally work with at least three pupils a week, meaning three hours per week. 
  • Coaches will also need to travel to the pupil's school where the coaching will take place. We are flexible on how many pupils each coach works with.
  • Pass a DBS check (formerly CRB) as you will be working 1-1 with a young person.
  • Attend a training workshop – normally a whole day event.
  • Attend regular supervision – To ensure continued quality there are a minimum number of supervision sessions you must attend.
  • Participating in our evaluation activities.
  • Adhere to our safeguarding policies and procedures.

Our values:

  • Responsibility
  • High Expectations
  • Humility
  • Integrity

Our schools recruiting for:

  • Globe Academy (Elephant and Castle)
  • Walworth Academy (Southwark)
  • Crest Academies (Neasden)

Find out more

If you want to join us on our mission to make education fairer, drop us an email on with a CV and a cover letter telling us a bit about yourself and why you’re interested in the role as well as expressing if you there is a particular school you could travel to more than others.

Those successful will be invited for an interview.