We work with young professionals in the workplace across a variety of roles specialising in those who are first-time managers or new to the workplace.

All our coaches are young professionals themselves, accredited and trained by leading coach trainers including the Academy of Executive Coaching (AOEC).


Core Beliefs

  • Responsibility: we (young professionals) are the most self-aware generation ever. Coaching can help guide that awareness into action and ownership.
  • Reflection: we are switched ‘ON’ 24/7 and a time to step back to analyse our behaviours can lead to substantive change.

  • Resourcefulness: we work with fantastic clients who often have the skills and qualities internally to tackle their issue.

  • Resilience: we know work can be tough, especially as you are starting out. An external coach who understands your situation can help make sense of the various challenges.

Structure of Sessions

  • Typically six sessions one to one

  • All top and tailed by contracting sessions held with the sponsor/manager.

  • Coaching held in person at the organisation or externally agreed location.

  • Flexible options including clinic days, coach on retainer and other suitable agreements can be arranged.

In the past, content of sessions has included:

  • Communicating more assertively with my manager.
  • Managing a small team for the first time.

  • Moving to a role in a new sector.

  • Building confidence in leading a new project.



"I feel as though I gained more confidence because the sessions helped me to identify not only what I wanted to achieve, but also behaviours and habits that were holding me back.

Talking through how I viewed situations really helped identify how I process things and made me see things in a new light. One of my main goals was career related and I have now achieved said goal!”

Abi, Project Analyst


Want to know more?

To discuss logistics, rates and how we can work to support your organisation or yourself, please email Robin, our CEO, on robin@coachbright.org