Our Peer-to-Peer Programme gives two of your year groups the chance to benefit from the 1-1 environment of coaching. Much like our Secondary Programme, coaches meet with their coachee once a week in school to deliver 1-1 coaching sessions. The difference is that this time, we train senior pupils as the academic coaches, pairing them up with a younger pupil in years 7-10. Both coach and coachee will be at different, but pivotal points of their educational journey - our programme encourages the support to help both become independent and resilient learners. 



Training senior pupils as academic coaches ensures younger pupils receive quality academic support from a relatable role model. Pupils develop listening, communication and leadership skills to aid them on the path to higher education, whilst working towards a Student Leadership Accreditation.


tailored programme

Younger pupils set their programme goal with their coach and it is down to them to decide together on the best use of their time. Through tailored coaching in the shared common environment of their school, our hope is that both coach and coachee will learn and develop from each other throughout the 7 weeks.



We run Launch and Graduation Trips where all pupils will have the chance to explore university campuses together, where activities will be led by coaches in order to give a sense of what being an independent student is really like. Upon graduating, senior pupils become CoachBright Ambassadors, supporting their future development.

I like the independence and working with someone whose experiences I can discover. CoachBright is a great opportunity for students to learn from one another and improve their own understanding as well as someone else’s!
— Jessi, Year 12 coach from Bacons College