Our Key Stage 2 Programme gives your most able year 6 pupils the chance to thrive in a supportive yet challenging environment. University students coach small groups for one hour a week over the course of half a term in school, helping them reach their academic potential in maths and become independent and resilient learners before they leave KS2. 


Small Coaching Families

Our committed coaches lead groups of 4 pupils through self-directed learning activities. The beginning of the session invites pupils to reflect on highs and lows of their week and during activities, peer coaching is encouraged. 


Reaching Academic Potential in maths

Each session is designed to help pupils develop greater depth and achieve a higher standard in maths. Sessions focus on 3 key topics and include a Stretch Question which takes the concept one step further to challenge the most able.


Understanding How to Learn

Pupils are asked about why they know an answer is true and how can they show someone else. They are encouraged to verbalise methods as they work through problems and to reflect on what strategies do or do not help them.

CoachBright is a very good resource for children. I think everyone round the world should get to use it once!
— Danyal, Year 6 pupils from Reedswood E-ACT Primary Academy