CORE Programme

CoachBright has changed me as a learner because I am more engaged in class. I always put my hand up to answer questions. I also always do extra work at home now. It was a fantastic experience and my grades have improved in my coached subject.
— Seb, Year 10, Bacons College

We run school programmes to help pupils improve their grades, confidence and expectations.

  1. University Access Programme: university student coaches pupil in Year 9-13 around a chosen subject.
  2. Peer to Peer Leadership Programme: Year 12 pupil coaches pupil in Years 7-10.
  3. Primary Programme: university student group coaches pupil in Years 5-6 around Maths.

Our programme provides a kick-start and an environment where pupils are encouraged to academically flourish.

Pupils are paired with relatable role models who are only a few years ahead in their educational journey (either at university or in sixth form).

All of our coaches have been trained by our staff team who are accredited coaches recognised by the Association for Coaching and Institute of Leadership and Management - themselves trained by MOE and senior staff by the Academy of Executive Coaching – two organisations that specialise in supporting people to become trained professional coaches. 

Programme Structure

Our 1-to-1 sessions and group workshops run over a term in which time pupils increase their self-awareness, allowing them to make practical and targeted changes to their attainment and behaviour in-class so they become confident, independent, and motivated to succeed. 

  1) Pair Coaches with pupils

1) Pair Coaches with pupils

  2) Pupils set goals with their Coaches

2) Pupils set goals with their Coaches

  3) Term-long coaching programme

3) Term-long coaching programme

  4)   Assessment and next steps

4) Assessment and next steps

Key Features

Term-long coaching programme:

  • Subject-specific support pupil needs help on.
  • Awareness and actions of what needs to be done to get into a top university (Goal setting, 360 feedback and self-directed help).
  • Study Skills support.
  • Social and Cultural Capital building with a Launch trip and Graduation at university.