Our Secondary Programme supports Year 7-13 pupils the chance to work with a university student or senior pupil in school.

They focus on one GCSE (English, Maths or Science) or A Level subject that they'd like to improve in. University students coach individual pupils for one hour a week over the course of a term in school, helping them become independent and resilient learners.

In the short term, this means improving their grades, their confidence and their independence. 

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coached by Relatable Role models

Trained in coaching skills and working with young people, our coaches are enthusiastic about education whilst having a genuine understanding of the academic pressure that pupils are under. With just a few years between them, pupils benefit from an open and equal relationship with their coach. 


tailored academic support in school

Our academic coaches meet pupils in school at the same time each week. They plan a 60 minute session around a topic that their coachee wants to improve in. Our sessions use self-directed learning to increase self awareness, pupil's evaluate how they learn best. 


awareness of university environment

We run Launch Trips and Graduation Trips on university campuses as part of our 7 week programmes. Pupils have the chance to explore campus in their own time and with their peers rather than being led by an adult so that they get a sense of what going to university is really like, including what it's like to join a society.

I have definitely learnt more about the subject I was coached in, more about university and more about my future.
— Sabrina, Year 12 student at ARK Evelyn Grace Academy, London