CoachBright have partnered up with The Schools, Students and Teachers Network (SSAT) to offer our coaches a formal Student Leadership Accreditation - great for boosting employability! 


    We've crafted this award in collaboration with SSAT to officially acknowledge the skills and responsibilities involved in being a CoachBright Coach.

    The internationally-recognised certificate is a great addition to your CV, formally demonstrating your achievements and skills to employers.


      By being a 1-1 Coach, you will be eligible for the Bronze level Student Leadership Accreditation, providing that you have been committed for a term and carried out your volunteer role to the expected standards.

      Achieving a Silver or Gold level accreditation is possible too, by following these 6 simple steps:

      1. Complete the CoachBright training programme
      2. Complete your 1:1 coaching sessions
      3. Lend a hand at two CoachBright events
      4. Organise your own event, either individually or as a group
      5. Attend one of CoachBright's careers events
      6. Submit your leadership portfolio, to be peer reviewed

      In your portfolio, you will need to demonstrate that you have ten specific leadership skills. Download this framework from the SSAT to see what they are.