Vision: enable our children to become independent and resilient learners so they can lead the lives they want.

Mission: tackle educational disadvantage by helping pupils from low-income backgrounds challenge for university.

The Problem

School leaders need to take urgent action to ensure that their most able students leave school with the right level of qualification and with the skills and confidence they need to succeed at the best universities.
— Ofsted, March 2015

Currently, too many high-potential children do not fulfil their academic potential. When a young person shows the potential to secure a place at a top university they require support to turn this outcome into a reality. To achieve this they need developed skills that are valued by universities.

National data shows that too many of the most able students are still being let down and are failing to reach their full potential. While schools are providing high academic standards, this is not enough for many pupils to attain places at university, young people need to develop their cultural capital, confidence, and learn resilience as a wider part of learning.