Young Professionals in the Workplace


We support young professionals to be the best they can be at work. We run training programmes in coaching skills and 1-1 executive coaching with our accredited coaching team.

Young Professionals Programme

Training Young Professionals in coaching skills with AOEC

Collaborating with global leaders Academy of Executive Coaching (AOEC), we have a unique training opportunity that eases the transition into working life.

Our Young Professionals Coaching Skills Certificate is the ideal way for anyone looking to develop their interpersonal skills as well as those considering integrating coaching into their work or career. For example, as a first-time manager.

Executive Coaching

1-1 Executive Coaching for employees aged 21-35

Our team of trained accredited coaches specialise in working with young professionals. We believe in building the resourcefulness and resilience of our clients.

Executive coaching offers a safe space to explore work-based behaviours and meet specific challenges. Read more about our structure, core beliefs and how to get in touch below.