Our Impact

CoachBright has helped ARK Globe Academy’s first intake of Sixth Formers to recognise their ability to achieve their best.

One-to-one coaching provides our students with the opportunity to become inspired and motivated by some of London’s best graduate and university students.

It has allowed our pupils to take greater responsibility for their learning by creating a culture of self-confidence and self-direction. We’ve seen our first intake of Sixth Formers getting off to a strong start with CoachBright, with many cases jumping up an entire grade boundary.

I’m confident that our pupils will now be better poised to attain the best grades possible and make the transition to top universities.
— Matt Jones, Principal at ARK Globe Academy

CoachBright have been working to support Year 10 students at Bacon’s College. Their programme is tight and well managed and their coaches are enthusiastic and reliable – they form good relationships with the students.

Through this programme a further partnership has been established where CoachBright have trained a group of our sixth form students to act as coaches to Year 9 students – the training that they have provided for coaches has been of the very highest quality.

We have been very impressed with CoachBright – they are highly self-directed and need little “managing”.

I can highly recommend them to any school looking for a high impact intervention to boost the performance of students who may lack confidence or who may need help in developing focused aspiration building.
— Chris Mallaband, Principal at Bacon's College

Programme Reviews

Have a read of how some of our programmes went last year (2015/16) by clicking on the images below.

(Left to Right: Isca Academy, Stoke Newington School, Bacon's College and ARK Evelyn Grace Academy).

Pupil Testimonials

It was a great experience and really helped me understand what I have to do in order to get to University.
— Ryan, Year 12, ARK Globe Academy
Challenging tasks and friendly atmosphere has helped me improve my confidence.
— Gulsum, Year 10, Walworth Academy
The fact that there was someone I could talk to who made me realise things I wouldn’t have before. Through my encouraging, friendly and open coach I have become more motivated and developed a better attitude toward school.
— Tanzina, Year 12, ARK Globe Academy